Link Digest for 16 August 2012

Your curated weekly collection of links to news, articles, blog posts, images, and events related to liturgical architecture and church-building from around the internet.

  • Chapel of Silence (ICON)
    Another article on a chapel shared previously. But really like the exterior photo used here and the naval language and imagery highlighted in this one.
  • Why We Should Prize Our ‘ugly’ Churches (Catholic Herald)
    Illuminating article by Ambrose Gillick as part of the Glasgow School of Art project on British churches 1955-1975.
  • P1-B church of El Shaddai opens Thursday (
    Old article, but holy crap that image.
  • Eucharistic Architecture (First Thoughts | A First Things Blog)
    Modern architecture has too long been considered a monolithic entity with uniform agenda. Such a vast over-simplification dismisses offhand the earnest work of a century. Recovering these alternate modernisms is incredibly important, especially as they relate to religious architecture. What was lauded by the architecture and art culture of the 20th c may not have been aligned with what the church would value, but that does not mean nothing of value to the church was produced.

    Even those celebrated as modernist masters produced work which does not fit in the [International Style / purely functionalist / ahistorical / anti-religious] reductive modernist canon. Most of the work that does fit this model is in fact poor & incomplete imitations of black & white photographs or treatises taken out of context.

    Also left out are the ways in which tradition and symbolism shifted to be carried by new signifiers which may not be as immediately apparent through visuals alone. Just because the continuity is not evident in the expression does not mean it is wholly absent.

  • Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple? (Smithsonian Magazine)
    Fascinating archeology. But no evidence given in the article for a sacred function.