Docomomo Article on St Martin

I am very pleased to announce that docomomo US published my article on St Martin EvLC in a Newsletter Special Edition on Religious Sites. Also featured in this edition are Wallace K Harrison's First Presbyterian Church, Stamford and Max Abramovitz's Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo, affectionately known as the "Fish Church" and "Cupcake Synagogue," respectively. In the article I discuss the threads of continuity that were embedded in Modernism and which came more to the fore after the Second World War. Religion is too steeped in tradition and encodes images too essential to escape in the interpretation even if absent from the design concept, and the monikers of the Harrison and Abramovitz buildings reflect the desire to recognize images in abstract spiritual architecture. Admittedly, on the first is widely used and an image of religious significance.

Docomomo is the International committee for the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement. I am a member of midtexmod, the regional chapter around these parts.

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