09 November: Dedication of St John Lateran

Today in the Roman calendar brings one of the two explicitly architectural feast days (the other comes next week). Following fast on the heels of the big dedication news of the weekend, we have today the commemoration of the dedication of St John Lateran, home of the Cathedra of the Bishop of Rome. Here are two recent photographs from house favorite monk-photographer Lawrence OP.

The Lateran Apse by Lawrence OP, on Flickr

St John Lateran by Lawrence OP, on Flickr

Father of holiness and power, we give you thanks and praise through Jesus Christ your Son. For you have blessed this work of our hands and your presence makes it a house of prayer; nor do you ever refuse us welcome when we come in before you as your pilgrim people.

In this house you realise the mystery of your dwelling among us for in shaping us as your holy temple you enrich your whole Church, which is the very body of Christ, and thus bring closer to fulfilment the vision of your peace, the heavenly city of Jerusalem...

Preface of the Dedication of a Church in use, Rite of Dedication of a Church and an Altar (RDC)