03 November: St Winefride

Today is the feast of St Winefride, a Welsh saint from the 6th or 7th century. St. Winifred's, Branscombe, Devon, Oct. 2009 by PhillipC, on Flickr

The intercessions for morning prayers (via Universalis) is fitting for the start of an architectural pilgrimage:

We pray for all who plan and build in our cities: give them respect for every human value. - Lord, help us as we work.

Pour it your Spirit on artists, craftsmen, and musicians: may their work bring variety, joy, and inspiration to our lives. - Lord, help us as we work.

Be with us as the cornerstone of all that we build: for we can do nothing without your aid. - Lord, help us as we work.

You have created us anew in the resurrection of your son: give us the strength to create a new life, and a new world - Lord, help us as we work.